Montessori Puzzle Map of North America (Without Control maps)

puzzle map of North America

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Puzzle Maps – Through sensorial activities with the Puzzle Maps, the children begin to build their knowledge of world geography. The silk-screened maps are laser cut. Laser cutting insures accuracy and the availability of replacement pieces. Specially designed knobs on each puzzle piece are positioned on the location of the capitals of the countries and states. The puzzle map is presented first as a simple sensory-level puzzle for young children and later to introduce the name of the country. This is a premium quality laser cut wooden puzzle map of the North America. Each continent is colored coded with its specific Montessori color. This is a standard Montessori size map, which measures 22.5" x 17.5". The map has purposely been made smaller so children can easily carry each map, yet the knobbed puzzle pieces are large enough to make it a concrete learning experience. Vibrant, non-toxic, scratch resistant colors and a smooth lacquer finish, these puzzles have been engineered for durability as well as aesthetics. These puzzles are produced using a printing process, which allows capture of more border and coastline detail than is achieved in hand-painted versions. Moreover, a printing process allows volume production and more efficient manufacture, and you reap the cost savings. Wooden puzzle maps are with plastic knobs located at the capital of each country. The purpose of this product is to give the child greater knowledge of North America.

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