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Red Number Cards 1-10 for Number Rods The Red Numbers Wooden Cards set is a Montessori material that contains 10 different wooden plates with a red number on them. The plates range from number 1 to 10 for children to develop the math area. Each plate is made of high quality plywood and they come in a rectangular wooden box which includes a lid to keep the plates safe and in order. Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Red Numbers Wooden Cards is one of the first items for children in the math curriculum. The educational item is specifically designed to help children understand the concept and symbols of the first numerals that go from one to ten. This Montessori set works well in combination with other Montessori materials such as the number rods, but it can be used with practically any other objects that allow children to understand the physical representation of numbers. Understanding how a symbol such as 2 or 3 can play a role on the quantity of objects in real life can be a challenge for young children, as Maria Montessori wrote in her study of the cognitive process in young children. According to her, the best way to teach infants such concepts is through a tactile and practical activity that allows their brain to make the connection between the symbols and real-life quantity. This wooden toy will help young children develop the Sensorial and Math area from the 5 different areas Montessori mentioned in her study. It is for this reason that this set is very helpful for very small children, as they can clearly see the objects next to the wooden plates and associate them with the numeral on the plate. Why buy this item:  The Red Numbers Wooden Cards is an initial tool for children to develop their mathematical skills and how these are just a representation of reality in terms of quantity. There are several ways of playing with the cards, for example setting a determined number of objects and asking the child to find the correct plate for that quantity or maybe giving them a plate and asking them to find the correct quantity of objects according to that plate. The correct and continuous use of this educational material will give the child a solid base in the math area and will help them familiarize with quantities and numbers. Children who learn this way are more likely to develop a better understanding of numbers and not having problems with numbers in a later stage of the cognitive process regarding mathematics.

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