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Montessori Velcro Frame

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The Child finds it easier to learn how to dress themselves, when they practice the fasteners on the dressing frame. Velcro Dressing Frame: This dressing frame features two fabric panels with different types of velcro closures. The fabric panels can be easily removed from the hardwood frame for cleaning. A specially designed velcro dressing frame helps children learn how to dress and undress themselves. Children can start to work with the dressing frames from 24-30 months onwards (or even earlier with the simple frames). The direct goal of this activity is to learn how to use the different ways of fastening and to take care of oneself by improving the psycho- motor and eye-hand coordination. The indirect goals are also very important because working with the dressing frames will develop concentration and independency. It also helps to funnel the child’s will towards one goal and to exercise its intelligence because opening and closing dressing frames or other objects requires various strategies to make the actions effective. This Practical Life Material teach the child how to do and undo velcro straps. This material is also suitable for persons with disabilities or special needs. This product helps to develop concentration, coordination and independence.

Benefits for the Child

- easier to learn how to manipulate closures when you are not wearing the item of clothing - children gain self-esteem and societal skills - improves their concentration - the velcro dressing frame teaches independence and responsibility - they enjoy choosing their own clothing


- strong beech wood frames - round edges - soft fabric which can be removed and machine washed (30°) - simple fastenings, easy for young children to grasp traditional design of the Montessori classroom equipment

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