Lower Case Sandpaper Letters - Print

Montessori Lower Case Sandpaper Letters - Print

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Montessori Language Materials, Educational Wooden Toy Lower Case Sandpaper Letters Print 26 print sandpaper lower case letters. Consonants are on pink wooden boards and vowels on blue wooden boards. The purpose of this product is to develop a muscular impression of the letter shapes and to associate the sounds with the shapes. This also helps to develop a visual impression and to learn the writing direction of the letter shapes. Letters are 19 cm x 14 cm and 16 cm x 11 cm. All letters are 3 mm in thickness. Beautiful, quality, durable and attractive. Large enough to display during activities and small enough to handle and store easily. Great storage case for in between uses.Will come in handy when kids start to do some letter work at home. A super-engaging way to explore the alphabet…right at kids'fingertips!children just trace each letter with their fingers to develop pre-writing skills and letter recognition—and master the strokes they’ll need to start printing! You get 26 cards. The Sandpaper Letters in lower case print are presented in the traditional colours of blue for vowels and pink for consonants.  The letters themselves are fine-grit sandpaper on painted hardboard for a durable, long-lasting finish.  The set includes an extra "y" in blue (twenty-seven letters in all) for instances where y is used as a vowel. Short letters, such as "a", "c" and "n" measure 16 x 11 cm (about 6" x 4"), while tall letters such as "k", "b" and "l" measure 19 x 14 cm (about 7.5" x 5.5").  The set includes a wooden box for display and storage.

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