Cut-Out Numerals and Counters

Montessori Cut-Out Numerals and Counters

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Cut-Out Numeral & Counters Montessori Math Materials, Mathematics, Educational Wooden Toy Wooden box in two compartments containing 55 red counters and red numerals 1-10,enough to count out all ten numbers at once.It is made of beautiful hard wood resistant for being used by many children. However, teachers can also create this material with the children. The purpose of this product is to reinforce the sequence one to ten, and to give another perceptual experience of quantity as a collection of separate objects. To introduce the concept of odd and even. Cut-Out Numerals and Counters is for practising the association of numbers to quantity; so consolidate the knowledge of basic numbers.  It is also used to learn odd and even numbers. In the final stage of number work 1–10, the child applies its skills in associating quantity and symbol by identifying and placing the numerals in their proper sequence and then associating the corresponding quantity of counters beneath them.

What's Included:

A wooden compartment box Numbers 1 - 10 55 counters

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