Capital Case Sandpaper Letters - Print

Montessori Capital Case Sandpaper Letters - Print

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Capital Case Sandpaper Letters Print w/ Box The Sandpaper Letters (upper case, print) are presented in the traditional colours of blue for vowels and pink for consonants.  The letters themselves are fine-grit sandpaper on painted hardboard for a durable, long-lasting finish.  The set includes an extra "y" in blue (twenty-seven letters in all) for instances where y is used as a vowel.  The set includes a wooden box for display and storage. Montessori Language Material With the property of the sandpaper, the child feels the shape of the letters. This prepares the child to write.  This set is also used to introduce the child the letter sound.

What's Included:

A wooden box Sandpaper letters from a - z 26 sandpaper letters in upper case. Consonants are on pink wooden boards and vowels on blue boards. The purpose of this product is to develop a muscular impression of the letter shapes and to associate the sounds with the shapes. This also helps to develop a visual impression and to learn the writing direction of the letter shapes.

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