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Montessori Bow Tying Frame

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Dressing Frame: Bow Bow Tying Dressing Frame, Montessori Practical Life Materials, Educational Wooden Toy This dressing frame features two poly-cotton fabric panels with five pairs of ribbon ties. The ribbons are of two different colors to help visualize the knot. The fabric panels can be easily removed from the hardwood frame for cleaning. Hardwood frame measures 30 cm x 31 cm. The purpose of this product is to teach the child how to tie and untie bows. This exercise helps to develop the child's eye-hand coordination, concentration and independence. Through activities with the Dressing Frames, the child develops coordination, ability to concentrate and skills of independence. The Dressing Frames are constructed of beechwood with durable textile securely attached for workability and longevity. Colors may not be exactly as shown.


Invite a child to come by telling them you have something to show them. Have the child bring the appropriate dressing frame and have them place it on a specific spot on the table you will be working at. Have the child sit down first, and then you sit down to the child’s right. Tell the child that you will be showing him how to untie and tie the bows. Extension Tying one’s own shoelace. Purpose Direct: Care of the person and development of independence. Indirect: Acquiring coordination of movement. Points of Interests When the bow comes together in the end. Age 4-5 years

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